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Bespoke Rallies has its pedal firmly to the metal with a record number of Car Rallies (to date!)

Leading international classic car rally organiser Bespoke Rallies is having its busiest period to date, with one 5,000 mile tour of the Americas successfully completed, at least three more events to come in 2018, and five already in train for 2019.

Next up – The Highland 1000 and Pyrenees 1000 (18/5 & 13/9, 2018) 

Coming up fast on the packed agenda is a pair of four-day 1000km competition events. The Scottish one (May 18-21) begins and ends in Falkirk and will take competitors through some of the most stunning scenery imaginable via little-used roads, while the Pyrenees 1000 (Sept 13-16) starts and finishes in the beautiful Northern Spanish town of Pamplona, and also employs sparsely populated byways to unlock countryside the average tourist can only dream of.

A few places remain for The Grand Prix of South America (18/10, 2018) 

There is still the chance for a few lucky enthusiasts to follow in the wheel-tracks of five times World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio by signing up for the inaugural re-run of ‘the greatest ever road race’. Commencing on October 20 (70 years to the minute after the start of the famous 1948 event), crews will leave Buenos Aires on an unforgettable 30-day, 10,000km adventure through the wilds of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Attracting lots of interest – The Great British Brexit Rally (8/3, 2019)

It seems a few people mistakenly thought the announcement of this rally a month ago was an April Fools’ joke, but it has nevertheless attracted a great deal of interest, with potential competitors loving the fun aspect and excited by the challenge of visiting 28 countries in just 21 days. The class structure is as unique as the event itself, and bang up to date with separate categories for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as:

  • British Marques (pre-‘50, pre-1973, 1973, post-1973)
  • Non-British marques (pre-1950, pre-1973, 1973, post-1973)
  • Supercars (1973, British cars post-1973, non-British cars post-1973
  • 4x4s (pre-1973, 1973, post-1973)
  • Camper vans (pre-1973, 1973, post-1973)
  • Utility vehicles (pre-1973, 1973, post-1973)
  • Teams (3 British cars, 3 non-British cars, 3 1973 cars, 3 cars with all crew born in 1973

Further details of this unique rally can be found at  

Been and gone – The 3rd Maya Classic Rally 

On the calendar by popular demand, the memorable third running of the Maya Classic featured everything from a 1930 Model A Ford to a 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser. During 30 action-packed days, the enchanted crews visited Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and the USA. Said organiser John Brigden: “By the end of the rally the crews had had such a great time they’ve all vowed to join us on future events – the popular choices for which include: Magical Madagascar, The Imperial Rally, Slartibartfast, Royal Rajasthan and The Tasmanian Tiger.” Details of all these and Bespoke Rallies in general can be located at