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Rally Live: Grand Prix of South America, Day 14

Rally Live: Grand Prix of South America, Day 14

Huanuco to Huaraz

Today was the best day EVER and the last day of the high ups and downs of the route. We started with a rattling good section. Again, winter had wrought a bit of havoc on Peruvian roads, and left us with an enormous selection of potholes to choose from. Crews could choose to tackle the divots anyway they preferred, some went slowly and picked a route, others attempted speed and the theory of skimming over the top….whichever you went for you could be sure of one thing… you could actually rattle your fillings out! The exception to this was the 4×4 tourers who enjoyed a light massage in their leather seats and super suspension.
Competing for space with the Grand Prix of South America participants on the roads, were a selection of other traffic. The most common competition on the roads were; trucks, tuc-tucs, cars/taxis and herds of animals tended by a shepherd. The shepherd, once settled in the fields or grass verge typically gets out a bit of knitting, crocheting or embroidery of a skirt …… my mum would feel right at home here. Plenty of opportunity to start a Knit & Natter group!

Even A Tuc-Tuc Needs A Repair

Nice Ass

Local Car In Mint Condition

Following the bumpy gravel section, we proceeded along a beautiful tarmac fast and flowing road section….impossible not to enjoy. Then came the timed test, also on tarmac. Through blazing sunshine we wound our way through switchbacks and speedy roads that followed the route of a fast flowing river. This 28km section included passing over the river on the magically named Tingo Chico Bridge.
We then popped through a fantastic gorge and climbed up again, and maybe for the last time, above 4,600 meters. The waterfall we passed fed into an unexpected little lake. Very picturesque indeed.
Insert photo 4 Can You See The Waterfall?
Climbing upwards we were almost at the level of the snow topped mountains. But, wait a minute, the four touring 4x4s have stopped. We cannot be sure but it looks as if Werner, Arnold, Mario and Freddie are having an apres ski moment, and Doris has driven Giovanna, Melanie and Catherine up to the top for a spot of skiing! These Swiss, show them a bit of snow or a Toblerone and there’s no stopping them.

Snow Capped Mountain.

Up on top of the mountain however, the temperature again dropped as we were now so high, we were actually driving through the clouds.

Driving Through The Clouds.

But, how are our leaders, Car 2 doing? Paul Dilley and Andrew Davies in the 1929 Chrysler 75 say that their car is incredibly smooth, averaging a totally mad 42kph over the bumpy first section, and it is original suspension. Maybe because roads were not so smooth in 1929? Communication between the crew members is vital, and Andrew says it is quite easy – even in a car with no roof. No need to shout, nor use intercoms, just having a really loud voice is obviously sufficient, shouted Andrew above the hum of the dining room. Happily they made it safely to tonight’s hotel as Andrew forgot to set the navigation system and nearly failed to leave Huanuco.
The evening was completed by a visit from the Town Mayor, Town Hall Representatives and Tourist Police who came to give us a warm welcome to Huaraz and even supplied the dancing girls.

Bring On The Dancing Girls

Alpine Hotel

Well, you could say it is all downhill from here, as we have passed the halfway mark (celebrated last night by the lovely wine at dinner bought by Bespoke Rallies), in terms of days, mileage and altitude, as tomorrow we head towards the Pacific coast. Onwards and downwards.