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Rally Live: Grand Prix of South America, Day 11

Rally Live: Grand Prix of South America, Day 11

Urubamba to Ayacucho

 It was a day of ups and downs…. in total we climbed five times to over 4,000 meters (1,300 feet), ans dropped down to 1,700 meters. This was reflected in the differences in temperature, as we went from 25c to 6c; sunglasses off, sunglasses on, jumper on!

As we had come to expect the scenery continued to be stunning as we travelled up and down the high mountain roads, and we could see for miles across down and across the valleys.

Today we had three special tests to enjoy. The first was a bumpy short and sharp gravel test of only 8km. The second was a 64km test over a mountain pass, and the third, ahh the third test. This last test was a 52km smooth gravel road which wound up and down the mountains and over innumerable hairpins bends and switchbacks. We estimated at least 45 hairpins. Standing on the last timed section, gave opportunity to talk to some of the crews as they stopped. First through were the four touring 4×4 cars; cars 14 and 15 came in together and were followed in quickly by cars 12 and 13. They whizzed by as they are touring, not being timed, but we had a cheery wave.


Car 2, the 1929 Chrysler 75 of Andrew Davies and Paul Dilleycame in next, with the comment that the first test was the best and that the timing of the last stage could have been tighter….hmmm, you want to go faster over those mountains? Bold!

Go For It Car Two.

Car 4, Daniel And Rabbia Schlatter in the 1938 Chevrolet Coupe was next in, saying that all tests were good and that they were enjoying the tests. Daniel was the height of nonchalance as he steered the car in whilst enjoying a cigarette.

The Smooth Car 4.

Car 5 roared in next, not the beautiful 1940 Ford Coupe unfortunately, but a hire number. Michael McInerney, piloting this number said the stages were certainly different and made one stay awake. Son, Sean was seen grinning, just a little bit.

The Smiling McInerneys.


Well worth watching is the nippy, and so far, extremely reliable, car 9 of Gerd Buehler and Armin Kneupfing. The 1972 bright orange Porche 911 Coupe streaked in, leaving a layer of rubber on the floor.

Flying Porche.

New Rubber Please.

At that point the control had to close, as all other following cars would accrue the maximum marks for the test, and as it was such a huge drive, there was no time for the crew to wait.


Later, news came through that The Bentley of car 6 had fuel vaporisation issues and the 1972 Ford RS Mark 1 had fatal engine problems. The so-far unlucky TR4 made it through the day only to conk out in the town, about 100 meters from the hotel. A slightly undignified end to the day, as it came to the hotel car park on the end of a tow rope. However, it survives to try another day.